Best place to find music for wedding videos

One of the most asked questions by wedding videographers is “where is the best place to find music for wedding videos.” Thankfully, there are a ton of great options out there for us these days.

Back when I started filming wedding in 2002 the options available to us were very limited. There were a few websites that licensed music but it was better suited for corporate type of work. Honestly, most of it was really expensive and kind of cheesy.

Things have changed and today there are some amazing options for places to find music for wedding videos. Here is a list of licensing sites with pros and cons as to why they may or may not be a good fit for you.


Musicbed has long been one of my favorite platforms for licensing music. In 2018 they started offering a subscription model that ranges between $10-$100 per month depending on the type of use. They also have a single purchase option for around $50 per song. If you are needing several songs a month for your edits it just makes sense to go with the $79 monthly wedding use plan.

They have a great selection of music that is really high quality. In my opinion probably the best when it comes to weddings. They have a great selection of songs that are vocal driven and they often have an option to get a vocal and instrumental version of the same song. I use this all the time when I want to include audio from people speaking at the wedding. I simply line up the two tracks on my timeline and bring the vocal track levels down and only use the instrumental track under the talking. See the image at the bottom of the page to see what I’m talking about.

They also have an amazing selection of cinematic tracks. My biggest issue with Musicbed was songs constantly being flagged on Youtube. They’ve started using a code that you input into the Youtube description and that seems to have solved that issue.


Soundstripe is another great option for music. Their slogan is “Unlimited Music for Video” and they mean it. Out of all the options I’ve seen they really do make it easy to license music for your project. Pricing is $15 a month or $135 for the year for unlimited tracks. I find their vocal selection to be a little limiting and the fidelity of the songs does not feel as consistent to me as the Musicbed. But you can’t beat the price and they offer a premium plan that comes with sound effects and song stems.

Again, not all of the sound effects sound great to me but I’ve found a few gems that have worked well in my edits. I’ve found their platform to be really great for corporate projects, youtube, etc. where I needed some great backing music and didn’t want to be hassled with licensing issues when uploading. The licensing set up also allows you to use their music in a wide range of projects. Some of the other sites can get really complicated when you start needing music for commercial, advertising or brand work.


Artlist has changed a few times over the years but is currently offering a subscription model as well. This seems to be the new norm and I much prefer it than paying a per song fee. It’s around $200 for the year and has really high quality tracks. In fact a lot of the same artists are also on the Musicbed. I used Artlist more back when I was paying per song and would be more likely to comb through the different sites searching for that perfect fit. Now that they have gone with a subscription model and the music is similar I decided to stay with the Musicbed and Soundstripe as I feel there is enough options between those two to cover 95% of my needs.

Premium Beat

To me, Premium Beat has always felt like music you would use for a corporate project. You know that inspirational, building track that is used for a company promo. They have single use licenses for $65 and $199. Even thought I’m a fan of the subscription model I like this option because if I need a high quality track that ticks those boxes I have another option to choose from without having to pay for a whole yearly plan.

Select Music

Select Music is run by Adam Forgione and his business partner Carmine Giglio. Adam was himself a very well respected wedding videographer before turning his attention to commercial work and Select Music. Adam is also a talented musician and I think the music selection that they offer on the site reflects that sensibility. They offer single license purchase options and have interesting tracks designed to be used under vows and speeches which I really like.

Song Freedom

Ahhh..Song Freedom. There are a lot of people that sing it’s praises but Song Freedom has always been a dud for me. They offer a subscription model for $60 a month but that does not include any song tied to a major label or publisher. Also, their commercial license is a tiered system and they can be very expensive. They do have a lot of popular music such as Imagine Dragons and even Sinatra so there is a place for Song Freedom if you need songs that people know. I tend to use music that the client won’t be familiar with so it feels special and individual to them. For me the cost, some bad experiences with their customer service and a complicated pricing system makes this a big no.


Marmoset is the site that I search when I’ve exhausted all my usual options. They have some tracks that just feel different to me than some of the other sites. But for $99 per song for a wedding license the song really has to be so perfect for the edit that I can’t imagine using anything else. And that rarely happens.

Audio Jungle

These days Soundstripe has pretty much replaced then need for me to use Audio Jungle. The music on Audio Jungle tends to be more for jingles, corporate type of projects and feels more like music loops to me that songs. Soundstripe has some tracks that fill this void and I’m paying their subscription already so there isn’t much need to look somewhere else. However, if you find yourself needing a random tribal drum pattern or piano loop they have a lot of options that start around $10 per track so don’t count Audio Jungle completely out.

Triple scoop Music

Triple Scoop Music offerings licensing to Event Filmmakers for $60 per song. This is another one of those sites that I turn to when I just feel stuck finding that perfect song. They have a fairly wide variety of choices and I admit that I haven’t used much of their stuff but I think there is value there if you search it out.


Tracks is the only site that I’ve listed here that I haven't purchased music from yet. It’s fairly new and one that I’m keeping my eye on. They have a fairly large list of popular artists that we all know. Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, etc. I could see using this if I needed one of those type of popular songs for a one off project and didn’t want to sign up for Song Freedom’s subscription model. Their user interface is pretty clunky and they have a weird system of buying “credits” towards the songs which is just weird and confusing. Still, $59 for a Bruno Mars song is a great deal if you have the need for it.


Youtube is now offering a few hundred music tracks that you can use for your edits. The best thing about them is they are free. The negative thing is they kind of suck. You get what you pay for right? For a non-profit, church or school project I could see using these tracks if you weren’t already paying for a music subscription somewhere else.


Here’s an example of using two versions of the same song. One with vocals and one instrumental. You can switch to the instrumental if the lyrics don’t fit or if you don’t want them to distract from the spoken audio used from your wedding or event.


I’m sure there are a lot of other options out there that I’m missing but I’m sharing the one’s that I’ve had personal experience using. I will say one last thing. I feel really lucky that we have so many great options to use today. Did I miss any of your favorite music licensing sites? If so, let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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